Sgt. Dolom


The Dwarf, Sargent Dolom, does his best to see that justice prevails in Sharn.

His first encounter with the PCs was not all that it seemed. He rallies to cries of “Stop, they’re killing that man!” and finds the PC’s standing over the corpses of Bonal and Cutter.

After some diplomacy and a helpful citizen, Sgt. Dolom comes to realize that Cutter had assassinated Bonal, and the PC’s had prevented him from getting away. Sgt. Dolom doesn’t know why Cutter attacked, but the perpetrator has been brought to justice, so that’s all that really matters.

He may be a good opportunity for future employment, if the PCs find themselves short on cash, or he may actively seek them out if he needs the help of some competent adventurers.

Sgt. Dolom

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