Name: Gaur
Race: Shifter
Alignment: Neutral-Neutral
Languages: Common, Elven

Hit Points: 15

Strength: 20 Raging: 24
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 17 Raging: 22 + Shifted: 23
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 14

Armor Class: 16 Raging: 14 + Shifted: 18 only shifted: 20
Touch: 12 Raging 10
Flat-Footed: 14 Raging: 12 + Shifted: 16 only shifted: 18

Fortitude: 5 Raging: 7 + Shifted: 8
Reflex: 2
Will: 1

Melee Attack: 6 Raging: 8
Ranged Attack: 3
CMB: 6 Raging: 8
CMD: 18 Raging: 20

Weapon: Large Greataxe
Armor: Armored Coat


The shifter’s earliest history is almost completely unknown. Abandoned as a small child he somehow wound up in the city of Wroat. He was discovered by an operative for the House Phiarlan while on an espionage mission and brought the shifter back with him.

The House leaders, particularly The Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan herself, saw a potential need for the unique talents of a shifter both for the protection he could provide with the ongoing war should the fighting ever reach Wroat, but more importantly for the times when an espionage mission might go awry.

However, in a place like Breland, the House Phiarlan couldn’t afford the negative public image that would come with taking on an “unpaid servant” should they ever find out about him, so they “adopted” him. The adoption was almost entirely in name only. He was treated as a servant by all but a few of the local elves, and was never educated. They named him Gaur, the elvish word for “werewolf” and forced him to shift against his will, which made him come to resent his shifting ability. He was often picked on and beat up by the other children his age but he became very adept at getting out of tough physical situations, though at times he had to resort to giving in and using his shifting ability.

He often buried his anger over his mistreatment and as he got older this anger began to manifest itself as fits of intense rage that he trained himself to command at will. Though he still resented his shifting ability, he began to see it had its uses. When coupled with his rage it gave him a strength unmatched by anyone else in the House Phiarlan.

Within the last year the rulers of the House began to send him on some low-risk low-priority espionage missions. While many elven spies posed as entertainers and artisans to obtain information, they gave Gaur stealth training and he was often used as a backup — lurking in the shadows behind an elven spy in case something went wrong and having some extra muscle became a necessity. He also came to be useful for creating convenient distractions in case an elven spy needed to slip into another room.

In time, many of the elves came to respect Gaur for his unique talents. Others, however, began to resent him as he grew in favor with the leaders of House Phiarlan. The Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan herself began to take a particular interest in Gaur and slowly began to treat him as a true member of their House, often inviting him to dine when she wasn’t at one of her many social functions. Though still young and relatively inexperienced she recognized the great potential he had and what it could mean for the House. After what was supposed to be a simple mission went awry Gaur provided immeasurable aid to the spies. As a reward the Baron him an old family heirloom elven curve blade. Other elves became quite jealous. One evening a group of elves jumped him. Unable to react in time to fight back or shift he was knocked to the floor, the curve blade was taken and he was stabbed repeatedly with it. Recognizing several of his attackers he was able to mutter “why?” and just before he lost consciousness they told him it was the wish of the Baron. They left him for dead and brought the curve blade back to the Baron telling her that Gaur had been killed by a gang of muggers.

When Gaur came to he was in a strange house fully healed by magic. It was after midnight and he found a calendar which showed that he had been out for two days. While he wanted to thank his saviors he knew he needed to get out of town quickly. He went through the house and found an armored trench coat, a large great axe on display with a inscription beneath it showing that the axe, though in great condition, was over 100 years old. He also took a bedroll, some bread, and a few pouches of gold and snuck quietly out of the house. He then made his way to Sharn. He knew nothing about it except that from there he could get anywhere.

When he arrived in Sharn he took up in a boarding house where his fellow adventures would also be living until he could get enough money by doing a lot of low level enforcer work to get far away.

Breland’s heavy defenses kept Gaur largely uninvolved with the war. Also, because of his limited involvement in the actual information gathering aspect of espioniage he didn’t get much information regarding the war that way either. Everything he knew about the war he got from overhearing conversations and he often wasn’t able to discern rumor from fact. Because of this he did his best to not trouble himself with matters of the war unless it had to do with the war drawing close to Wroat — which always turned out to be rumour anyway. He did notice that the end of the war didn’t reduce the amount of espionage being done like he thought it might. He found that the war being over simply ended up making people more suspicious of each other because everyone was trying to hide their feelings about each other instead of showing it outwardly like they could in times of war.

The Day of Mourning had relatively little effect on Gaur. He knew something had happened in Cyre — though he knew almost nothing about Cyre itself — but he dismissed the idea of an entire nation being completely wiped off the map as one of the many war rumors he hears. It wasn’t until he got to Sharn that he found out the rumors were true, but by that point any emotional reaction he might have had to it other than surprise was lost.

Almost all of Gaur’s interactions with races other than elves have been since he came to Sharn. Though he had seen other races, and heard about them he had very rarely spoken to them and never more than a word or two. He is also quite cautious when around elves, fearing they could be operatives. He is particularly wary of an elven ‘alchemist’ who lives in his building.

Because of Gaur’s background he is much less in touch with nature than most of his fellow barbarians. However, because of his race he feels drawn to nature and animals. He often feels unfulfilled when not in the presence of nature but doesn’t necessarily know that is the source of his lack of fulfillment. At the same time he often feels uneasy when he is in the presence of nature feeling almost as though the nature and animals around him know more about his true nature than he himself does.


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