Talaen Kara

The Bold Stallion




Talaen Kara is a +1 Valenar double scimitar with the following characteristics: AL CG; Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12; Empathy, 30 ft. vision and hearing; Ego score 5.

Lesser Powers: Bless 3/day, additional +1 enhancement bonus when used on horseback.

Personality: This beautiful weapon holds the essence of a proud Valenar warhorse, the lifelong companion of the ranger Valea Ildallia. When her faithful steed finally fell in battle, Valea forged this blade so her companion could continue to ride with her into battle. While the weapon is intelligent, it has the mind of a horse and only communicates with strong, pure emotions—anger, joy, suspicion, and so on.

Initially, Talaen Kara only uses its powers on behalf of an elf. A ranger of another race can win the respect of the blade by making a DC 20 wild empathy check; the ranger can attempt this check once per week.

Each of the scimitar’s two blades is engraved. One bears the stylized image of a horse’s head, while the second features a fl owing horse’s tail. When the weapon is whirled about in battle, these images seem to move and gleam with a silvery light. The handle is bound with black leather and silver wire, and bears the name of the weapon in Elven script.

Strong evocation; CL 15th; Price 4,925 gp.


Talaen Kara

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