Fated Items

You have each received a special ring from Lord Jerred d’Cannith – or more specifically, from one of his associates. This unique item is said to learn from your experiences and grow into sentience. What could be the purpose of this generous act?

Essentially, it is an intelligent magic item, but with modifications. Unlike normal intelligent items, this one will grow in power over time. Also, the item doesn’t need to be magical. If it turns out that your fated item is a ‘mundane’ item, you are not precluded from making it magical later on. Also, you can pay 500 chore wars gold to transfer its sentience to another item. This recipient item must be magical to begin with.

The value of the fated item will be equal to your character level in chore wars, squared, times 1000.


Use this value to customize it’s traits on the intelligent item table. See Intelligent Items for more info.

Fated Items

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