When it Rains

Going Undercover

Coffee and Revenge

The group, while still unsure about friendships (and maybe a little bitter about a bomb in the past) can agree on one thing: We like this whole adventuring business. With zeal, they tromped off to follow up some leads and check with some contacts recently made. The day, however, was destined to be fruitless. Sgt. Dolom was out sick, there were no messages at the Sevis message station Lady Elaydren d’Vown had directed them to, and the adventuring guilds didn’t seem to have much in the way of prospects either. Exhausted after a full day’s worth of travel all across Sharn, the adventurers retired for the night.

The next day had an early start with Dolom’s assistant knocking on their door and jabbering excitedly in his annoying gnomish voice about being needed at the watch house.

As it turns out, the reason the sergeant was sick was that someone had the gall to put poison in his coffee. They obviously underestimated his dwarven constitution which as he puts it, “is pretty stupid, because I’m a dwarf.”

Sgt. Dolom believed that this was an inside job and asks that the party pose as new recruits to see if they can sniff out the culprits. After a bunch of watch duty, patrols, arm wrestling contests, coffee, questions, and one really-drunk-recruit-who-is-19-I-promise, Viridium makes a startling discovery while searching though the watch lockers: poison!. While the perpetrator tried his best to clean up the evidence, nothing could get past Viridium’s notice. After taking a second glance at the name on the locker, Viridium realized that this very same elf was in the middle of a meeting – alone – with the sergeant.

The party bursts into the sergeant’s office just in time to prevent an attempted backstabbing. As the elf turns around, he and Gaur immediately recognize each other. His allies attempt to come to his aid, but arrive just in time to see him viciously cut down by an enraged Gaur. Without their leader, they were quickly dispatched as well.

The Sargent congratulates the party on solving the crime, thanks them for saving his life (although he could have handled it), gives them their reward, and sends them on their way.

With still no word from Lady Eladren at the message station, the adventurers keep themselves busy until it comes time for the follow-up party with Lord Jerred d’Cannith.

Lord Jerred had invited several of his previous guests, including each member of the party, to return to his manor. After everyone arrives, and a brief reminder of certain points of etiquette, the whole group is escorted to a fine restaurant, where everyone is given the opportunity to mingle with some other prominent individuals from the House Cannith.

At the end of the night, Lord Jerred quiets the room to give one of his associates the opportunity to reveal the purpose of their meeting. Everyone is presented with a special sapient ring.

-…to be continued.



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