When it Rains

When it rains

This story, like so many others, begins in Sharn, the City of Towers. The people involved, however, have their own stories of past lives and loves lost.

A group of friends, casual acquaintances, and complete strangers gather for a celebration in the floating city above the highest towers of Sharn, where the wealthiest live their lives of decadence and bliss, tainted by bitter rivalries and dark secrets. Unlike the dreary torrents of rain outside, the party inside is joyous, and full of light and life. Workers from the cogs, laborers from the docks, and merchants from the lower towers of Sharn all gather to enjoy an invitation from a house head, although few bother to find out which house, or which head. For most, this will be the only time in their lowly lives to ever see the rich beauty of the world above.

The invitation was hand delivered to each member, although the well dressed gentleman passing out the invitations did not seem the least bit interested in who got one. Rather, he seemed to have passed them out at random. Among the hundreds of thousands who live in Sharn, you are fortunate enough to have been one of a hundred who received such an invitation.

The celebration inside, while noteworthy in its excess beauty, is nothing more than a party. Nothing is said that might intrigue the curious. No guests mysteriously disappear. The real story begins when the party ends, and people must return to their normal lives. Walking through the rain…



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