Eenain Tolaen

Elf Alchemist - Tony Vaughan


Race: Elf (Aerenal)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Celestial, Sylvan, Goblin, Gnome

Alchemist: 2

Hp: 19
Ac: 16
Movement: 30ft

STR: 12 – +1
DEX: 17 – +3 (base 15 – racial +2)
CON: 15 – +2 (base 17 – racial -2)
INT: 20 – +5 (base 18 – racial +2)
WIS: 11 – +0
CHA: 14 – +2

FORT: +5
REF: +6

Melee: +1
Ranged: +4
CMB: +1
CMD: +14

Weapon: Composite Longbow (+0), Bombs (1d6), Masterwork Rapier
Armor: Studded Leather

Special: Extracts (extra cool potions), regular potions, Poison use, Poison resist +2,
Mutagen- +4 phys +2 natural armor 2 corresponding mental trait, +10 or above spellcraft
craft (alchemy)-Knowledge (arcana).


Eenain Tolaen

Family and Beliefs:
Born to the Tolaen house of Aerenal in 894 YK, Eenain is a young (relatively) artisan son living in the Port Town of Pylas Talaear. He has a traditional family who strive to preserve the traditions of his ancestors as well as the ancestors themselves with crafts and magic in service of these Undying. Eenain is part of a new generation and while being a tremendous craftsman, does not strive for this same end. He revers his family and people but is ashamed of their inability to look to the future. While the traditions and teachings of the wise old elves and heroes are irreplaceable, they not be coming from carcasses of rotting flesh. But conjecture or rebellion against the Undying is neither wise nor necessary, and Eenain is searching for a means to help the nation transition.

Leaving Aerenal:
In his mid 80’s, Eenain met a travelling human Alchemist and saw a chance for him to evolve the techniques of his predecessors. The old Alchemist, (Dr. Jekylbomb), agreed to take Eenain on as his apprentice and the two left the port town to travel the world in search of new formulae and more efficient techniques. Eenain and the Dr headed for Zilargo after leaving Aerenal to find study and counsel with the gnomes there. After much time studying in cities such as Sharn, they came across a band of soldiers on their way to Cyre. Seeing them beaten and worn down, Dr. Jekylbomb and Eenain went with them to support their effort as well as hoping to meet some of the battle alchemists who they heard have advanced alchemical discoveries far beyond those of the mundane potion maker.

The Day of Mourning:
Eenain and the Dr followed the soldiers to Fort Light, northwest of Lake Brey in the Harrowcrowns. Dr. Jekylbomb, being the more apt alchemist left with the soldiers to support the front line forces in Cyre, asking Eenain to go to the near by marketplace and pick up supplies that they will need on his return. The following day, Eenain woke up in the inn and went to find herbs and dust and vials for his daily assignments of potion making and experimenting. While pulling out silver pieces to pay for the pack of vials Eenain’s natural affinity for the arcane perked up his ears and twisted his stomach into knots. Seconds later, the blast of arcane energy was seen erupting from Cyre, and Eenain knew his master and mentor was lost.

After Dr. Jekylbomb’s death, Eenain continued on with his studies having been given the Dr’s formulae book on his trip to the marketplace. There was a story inside that spoke of an almost mythical alchemical item called the “Elixer of Life” which can bring life back to something that is dead, or stave off death for someone who is still living. This discovery would honor his master and could possibly change the culture of his traditional society in Aerenal. A way to keep the living alive, and bring back from death those heroes and leaders that were taken too soon. But it must be kept from falling into the wrong hands, he must be the first.

Looking to the Future:
In Sharn, Eenain is attempting to gain some information on where to travel next as well as starting a shop to fund his adventures. He is a cordial and friendly soul but prefers to stick to his craft. While he revels in stimulating intellectual debate, Eenain often prefers to observe from afar and comment only when the situation seems necessary. Being an elf, he does not shy away from battle but has seen little of the front line in his life time. Eenain prefers to prepare formulae and concoctions outside of battle. When forced to protect himself or his team he likes to control the field of battle, using debilitating potions and bombs that hinder the opponents ability to take any action at all. With lands and treasures hidden and unknown, Eenain need only find a group of like-minded adventurers to travel with in search of his Great Discovery.

Eenain Tolaen

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